UCXXI identity visualisations2

January 16, 2010    0

During fall semester students of Graphic Design worked on visual identity for Underground City XXI project, specifically for the Workshop Phase 1 that took place at Prague College Studios in December. Design of Milan Nedved was used as the official presentation for the workshop and it included poster, fliers and web-banner.
Link: UCXXI Visual identity cvb bc

UCXXI @ Gamerz#5 Festival

January 13, 2010    0

“Underground Landscape”, is the first interactive installation proposed by “Libat”, a part of the European project “Underground City XXI”, and created in situ for the Gamerz # 5 Festival, Aix en Provence, France.

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LABfactory_UCXXI artistic initiation!

January 10, 2010    0

shared by Nomad, 18 November 2009
Invite friends and friends of a friends and everybody to opening of the
LAB::UC21 – “Kinematic Mysterium” – Erik Alalooga – Labfactory
Erik Alaloogas approach is to establish a sculpture of enacted objects
and social structure built up by the audience in their actions and decisions
to visualize the trigger-situations set by Alalooga and Sööt.

Raški rudar XXI


In order to dissemate UCXXI project, its activities and results, as well as to initiate advocacy process on a local/regional level, project’s newsletter “Raski Rudar XXI” (Miner of Rasa), was established by the UCXXI co-ordinator Labin Art Express XXI as integral part of the local monthly magazin “Nasi foji” (average edition: 4.000 pcs per month). Graphic design was inspired by the corporate newsletter of the Istrian mines “Rasa” (IU “Rasa”) which has been regurarly published from 1947-1978.

Beside reporting about the UCXXI project development, newsletter will inform local community, especially youth and forthcoming generations, about history of the ex-coal mine as well as about its possible future as a regional cultural&tourist attraction – first underground city in the world. Beside information purpose its maing goal will be to attract members of the local community, civil associations, companies and public institutions to participate actively in the UCXXi project.

English version available online soon!

Follow the links for the Croatian version

Raški rudar XXI #1

Raški rudar XXI#2

UCXXI workshop_Prague

January 9, 2010    0

Flickr -  UCXXI Prague college’s workshop set

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...and participate in construction of the 1st Underground City in the World!

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