UC3D # Fractal City V0.1 by Libat 2011

April 24, 2011    0

A 3D multi-user environment developed during the Underground City 3D/XXI project and inspired by the Sierpinski Pyramid and the Labin ex-coal mine structure. The space was developed using parametric and procedural architecture principles with the unity3D game engine.

It’s a presentational space where you can discover Underground City visual identities created first as 2D compositions and then extruded as 3D volumes. It’s a space where the past, presented through video samples from the Labin ex-coal mine archives, is interlaced with visions of immersion in the contemporary media society. It’s a tango between lights and shadows, traversing the small apertures of today’s social bunkers.

Different collaborative tools are here for your disposal, like chat, painting tools, drawing trajectories tool, shared text boards and more. You can join us on the main server but if you have a public IP you can also create your own room and host your own session.


UC3D website

April 22, 2011    0

We are happy to launch the UC3D website where you can discover documentation spawned by the 2 year-long development of the Underground city 3D/XXI project, including galleries, research texts, the catalogue, videos, events and access to the first on-line 3D environments developed using the unity3D game engine and more… at undergroundcity3d.com

UC3D/XXI # Lamparna underground Landscape in Gamerz 06 Festival

April 12, 2011    0

An interactive audiovisual installation where users are immersed in multiple 3D cyber underground worlds simultaneously projected. It is an inner partitioned space, a sound board for dissonances, fractures and the wandering of beings immured in a contemporary digital exhibition.

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December 5, 2010    0

UNDERGROUND City 3D sera présenté au festival GAMERZ à partir du 10 décembre au Musée des Tapisseries d’Aix en Provence.

UNDERGROUND City 3D will be presented on the GAMERZ festival on the 10th of december in the Musée des Tapisseries in Aix en Provence France.

… UC3D/XXI is supported by European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and European Commission.

Plus d’information/ More info: Festival GAMERZ


Anemic Cinema_Prague 2010

November 27, 2010   

UCXXI @ Anemic Cinema Festival… Take a look at the video/TV presentation. It starts with the 24th minute! Click here for the video.

“Immerse ME” exhibition

November 10, 2010    0

“Immerse Me” exhibition was an accompanying program of the Anemic Festival initiated and organized by Prague College School of Art and Design principal lecturer Christophe Saidi.

The exhibition featured “Lamparna for Underground Landscape,” an installation developed by Libat and Prague College as a part of the Underground City XXI project.

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An invitation to the Underground City for the “Immerse Me” exhibition @ Anemic Festival

November 7, 2010    0

LIBAT and PRAGUE COLLEGE are happy to announce: UC 3D/XXI @ Anemic Festival

Presentation at “Immerse me” exhibition
–> UC 3D/XXI project presentation
–> Lamparna for Underground Landscape

Where and when?
–> Vernissage
Tuesday 09.11.2010 | from 6 pm with artists present
–> Open
10.11.2010 – 16.11.2010 | 9am to 6 pm | Closed on saturday and Sunday
–> Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
U Akademie 4, Prague 7

...and participate in construction of the 1st Underground City in the World!

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