UC3D website

April 22, 2011    0

We are happy to launch the UC3D website where you can discover documentation spawned by the 2 year-long development of the Underground city 3D/XXI project, including galleries, research texts, the catalogue, videos, events and access to the first on-line 3D environments developed using the unity3D game engine and more… at undergroundcity3d.com

Underground City 3D/XXI ART CATALOGUE!

April 20, 2011    0

Accessible online! All projects, activities, research and artworks are documented with many pictures. You can find articles about the 2 year-long research conducted by Libat and Prague College.


Erinnerungen an die Stadt von Morgen / Underground City Gathering

April 14, 2011    0

Time: 22 April · 20:00 – 23:00

Location: Garage X, Petersplatz 1, Bécs, Wien, Austria

Berichte aus der virtuellen Stadt.

Reale Geschichten aus der im Herbst 2010 in Wien temporär, manifest gewordenen Underground City. Eine Simulation des Realen, der Stadt, der Performance, des Diskurses, der Erzählung, der Party. Im Kontext des ortlos Urbanen ist die Simulation die Realität.


AIKO/Kazuko Kurosaki / Dr. Stefano Cavagnetto / Vanja Fuchs / Harald Jokesch / Regina Picker / Lars Schmid (red park) / Jutta Schwarz / Pascal Silondi (LIBAT) / Lena Wicke-Aengenheyster (STAATSAFFAIRE) / Brigitte Wilfing / Dean Zahtila (L.A.E) / Dr. Katherina Zakravsky / The real OH!-show / Jorge Sánchez-Chiong – turntable

und Bewohner wie Touristen der Underground City 21

Künstl. Leitung / Gesamtregie: Thomas J. Jelinek

Dramaturgie: Jan Deck

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UC3D/XXI # Lamparna underground Landscape in Gamerz 06 Festival

April 12, 2011    0

An interactive audiovisual installation where users are immersed in multiple 3D cyber underground worlds simultaneously projected. It is an inner partitioned space, a sound board for dissonances, fractures and the wandering of beings immured in a contemporary digital exhibition.

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90th Anniversary of the Labin Republic_programme

February 24, 2011    0

UCXXI announcement!

+++  for the 90th Labin Republic Anniversary in Labin from 22nd Feb to 05th Mar 2011, with special focus on the UCXXI +++
International symposium “UCXXI – Utopia or Rality?” will be held on the 3rd of March from 10:00 to 20:00, in the Marble hall of the renovated biblioteque in Labin.

The symposium “UCXXI – Utopia or Reality?” is a part of the 90th Labin Republic Anniversary program and under the patronage of Dr. Ivo Josipović, the president of Croatia.

You are welcome!

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90th Anniversary of Labin republic under patronage of the President Josipović

February 10, 2011    0

The City of Labin intensively working out preparations for the 90th anniversary of Labin republic, one of the most important history moments of Labin and Istrian peninsula. The Program is under the patronage of Dr. Ivo Josipović, President of Republic of Croatia, and it’s consist of the range of manifestations, and an international symposium covering the subject “Underground City XXI – Utopia or Reality”
Please click here for the whole article @ Grad Labin or Novi Foji

UCXXI Research_The Conception of the Self in Multiple Cyber Worlds

January 14, 2011    0

In this paper we discuss many issues about personal identity and propose a model of the Self in the Cyberspace based on the information theory. This work combines some concepts from information theory, the Dennett theory of multiple drafts with the concept of liminod as proposed by Victor Tucker in 1964.[preprint available in pdf]

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