Luciferine & Luciferase_by Branka Cvjeticanin (HR)

September 26, 2010    0

This industrial leftover is getting into its own post-industrial cultural formula – Labin ex-coal mines are becoming a cultural/artistic landmark, just like a common praxis in eastern-european post-socialist primary industries complexes. And now, between being a forgotten place of alternative culture and becoming a prosperous economic resource, I am “cleaning up” with light and artistically enjoying the no-man’s land. Luciferin & Luciferase is a series of light installations in sitú, revealing hidden and purposely forgotten underground. So far, we released: MOVEme, DRINKme, WORKout (spring 2011)… B.C.
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TRACES_by Boris Cvitanović (HR)

September 25, 2010    0

Artist’s work in progress on the location of the ex coal mine and the exhibition “Traces”

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“ARCH_0001_125_2010″_by Sandro Đukić (HR)

September 21, 2010    0

“arch_0001_125_2010” – the 1 km long video-light installation represents the painting of darkness, the process of documenting reality with senses. The installation will be open until 24th of September, every day from 15:00 to 18:00h, with guided assistance.

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LOST VISIONS by AKIO/Kazuko Kurosaki (AT)


“Lost Visions”, is a site-specific performance of up-rolling the past until it becomes the present and the quest for future visions becomes a journey through reminiscences of the Underground.

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Underground City in a City_by Miha Tursic (SLO)


“Underground City in a City” is a site-specific installation and a digital projection of sub/under conscious information about cityscape’s: “Historically, mines represented functional space extensions for energetic demands of functional societies. Today they are missing that functional role in this particular functional society, which implies two options: for them to stay out of use or to be used in a non-functional way. The mine could play a role of an infrastructure for the cultural conscience which is in turn a foundation of the local identity, and has the potential to fulfill the connecting hub of global activities.” M.Tursic

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KETAMA_by Metal Guru & V.D. Trokut (HR)

September 11, 2010    0

Metal Guru and V.D. Trokut are will enact the legendary gastro performance exclusively for UCXXI. Great food and wine will be available for consumation!

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