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UCXXI history

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Republic of Labin


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UCXXI identity visualisations2

January 16, 2010    0

During fall semester students of Graphic Design worked on visual identity for Underground City XXI project, specifically for the Workshop Phase 1 that took place at Prague College Studios in December. Design of Milan Nedved was used as the official presentation for the workshop and it included poster, fliers and web-banner.
Link: UCXXI Visual identity cvb bc

UCXXI @ Gamerz#5 Festival

January 13, 2010    0

“Underground Landscape”, is the first interactive installation proposed by “Libat”, a part of the European project “Underground City XXI”, and created in situ for the Gamerz # 5 Festival, Aix en Provence, France.

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LABfactory_UCXXI artistic initiation!

January 10, 2010    0

shared by Nomad, 18 November 2009
Invite friends and friends of a friends and everybody to opening of the
LAB::UC21 – “Kinematic Mysterium” – Erik Alalooga – Labfactory
Erik Alaloogas approach is to establish a sculpture of enacted objects
and social structure built up by the audience in their actions and decisions
to visualize the trigger-situations set by Alalooga and Sööt.

UCXXI workshop_Prague

January 9, 2010    0

Flickr -  UCXXI Prague college’s workshop set

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...and participate in construction of the 1st Underground City in the World!

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