UCXXI Research_Morality and Artificial Agents in Cyberspace

April 26, 2011    0

In this second paper on further developmental work of the Underground City XXI project, we raise some important questions concerning the morality of artificial agents in the cyberworld. Artificial agents, particularly those in cyberspace, extend the class of entities that can be involved in moral situations. In this paper it is our intention to present arguments showing that such artificial agents can be conceived as moral agents.

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Underground City 3D/XXI ART CATALOGUE!

April 20, 2011    0

Accessible online! All projects, activities, research and artworks are documented with many pictures. You can find articles about the 2 year-long research conducted by Libat and Prague College.


UC3D Neuron Prototype

April 8, 2011    0

Neuron Prototype is an interactive installations developed collectively during last Underground City 3D/XXI workshops by Libat and students of the Prague College.

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UCXXI Research_The Conception of the Self in Multiple Cyber Worlds

January 14, 2011    0

In this paper we discuss many issues about personal identity and propose a model of the Self in the Cyberspace based on the information theory. This work combines some concepts from information theory, the Dennett theory of multiple drafts with the concept of liminod as proposed by Victor Tucker in 1964.[preprint available in pdf]

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“Immerse ME” exhibition

November 10, 2010    0

“Immerse Me” exhibition was an accompanying program of the Anemic Festival initiated and organized by Prague College School of Art and Design principal lecturer Christophe Saidi.

The exhibition featured “Lamparna for Underground Landscape,” an installation developed by Libat and Prague College as a part of the Underground City XXI project.

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An invitation to the Underground City for the “Immerse Me” exhibition @ Anemic Festival

November 7, 2010    0

LIBAT and PRAGUE COLLEGE are happy to announce: UC 3D/XXI @ Anemic Festival

Presentation at “Immerse me” exhibition
–> UC 3D/XXI project presentation
–> Lamparna for Underground Landscape

Where and when?
–> Vernissage
Tuesday 09.11.2010 | from 6 pm with artists present
–> Open
10.11.2010 – 16.11.2010 | 9am to 6 pm | Closed on saturday and Sunday
–> Gallery of Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
U Akademie 4, Prague 7

...and participate in construction of the 1st Underground City in the World!

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