UC3D/XXI # Lamparna underground Landscape in Gamerz 06 Festival

April 12, 2011    0

An interactive audiovisual installation where users are immersed in multiple 3D cyber underground worlds simultaneously projected. It is an inner partitioned space, a sound board for dissonances, fractures and the wandering of beings immured in a contemporary digital exhibition.

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UC3D Neuron Prototype

April 8, 2011    0

Neuron Prototype is an interactive installations developed collectively during last Underground City 3D/XXI workshops by Libat and students of the Prague College.

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December 5, 2010    0

UNDERGROUND City 3D sera présenté au festival GAMERZ à partir du 10 décembre au Musée des Tapisseries d’Aix en Provence.

UNDERGROUND City 3D will be presented on the GAMERZ festival on the 10th of december in the Musée des Tapisseries in Aix en Provence France.

… UC3D/XXI is supported by European Cultural Foundation (ECF) and European Commission.

Plus d’information/ More info: Festival GAMERZ


Sretno!_by Alen Floričić

November 1, 2010    0

MASHcolony_by B.Cvjeticanin (HR) & L.Nobileau (FR)

October 29, 2010    0

“Mash COLONY” the 1st underground recruit center.

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A short history of mining_by Kristina Leko / work in progress

October 28, 2010    0

Expanded Documentary Cinema / Community Project / Community Media Archives, 2008_by Kristina Leko in collaboration with ex-miners and their family members; Labin Municipal Gallery, Croatia

A short history of mining_by Kristina Leko

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