Lecture on Ethics in Cyberspace

March 30, 2010

Stefano Cavagnetto and Bruce Gahir will be holding a lecture on Ethics in Cyberspace as a part of Underground City XXI project during the Phase III workshop at Prague College.

Below is an excerpt from an abstract of the paper:

In this second paper relating to further developmental work concerning the Underground City XXI2 project we raise some important questions concerning morality of artificial agents in the cyberworld. In particular artificial agents, particularly those in cyberspace, extend the class of entities that can be involved in moral situations. In this paper it is our intention to present arguments that show that such artificial agents can be conceived of as moral agents.

Our intention is to show that the notion of distributed responsibility, while extending ethical accountability to artificial agents also reinforces the moral responsibility of designers of such cyberworlds as being developed in the Underground City XXI5 project.

The lecture will take place at the College in room 209 on April 7 at 18.30. Lecture is open to public.


Stefano Cavagnetto, PhD, is the Head of School of Business and Computing at Prague College.

Bruce Gahir, MBA, is currently a Principal Lecturer in the Business and Computing Schools.

Combining their experience in academic and professional research they founded in 2008 the Prague College Research Center aiming to develop interdisciplinary research across several fields as philosophy, mathematics, computing, information technology and social sciences.



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