UC3D # Fractal City V0.1 by Libat 2011

April 24, 2011

A 3D multi-user environment developed during the Underground City 3D/XXI project and inspired by the Sierpinski Pyramid and the Labin ex-coal mine structure. The space was developed using parametric and procedural architecture principles with the unity3D game engine.

It’s a presentational space where you can discover Underground City visual identities created first as 2D compositions and then extruded as 3D volumes. It’s a space where the past, presented through video samples from the Labin ex-coal mine archives, is interlaced with visions of immersion in the contemporary media society. It’s a tango between lights and shadows, traversing the small apertures of today’s social bunkers.

Different collaborative tools are here for your disposal, like chat, painting tools, drawing trajectories tool, shared text boards and more. You can join us on the main server but if you have a public IP you can also create your own room and host your own session.




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